Don Augusto, Inc., was originally created in 1997 as a concrete contractor to perform all of the foundation and hardscape work of residential projects in which KIBO Group, Inc. or one of its affiliated entities was involved in as well as that of other general contractors and developers. Though the years, as Don Augusto, Inc. grew, it expanded into all types of concrete work in both the residential and commercial markets. Today, Don Augusto, Inc.’s client list includes both private individuals and a wide list of contractors and developers in the industry.

Don Augusto, Inc. expertise includes all types of concrete work, large or small. It will perform simple driveways, retaining walls, foundations, and subterranean structures or complex structural hillside projects with deep caissons, friction piles and grade beams as well as exposed decorative cast in place concrete walls.  Today Don Augusto, Inc. has become a well-respected concrete contractor in the industry that specializes in the construction of both complex foundation systems for residential and commercial projects as well as the construction of high end exposed architectural concrete walls and surfaces.